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AURIC KEY:  #2520; also the node of Holotome E.  The first and lowest number divisible by all  base digits.

CYCLOFLEX (Cycloscillation): Hyphenation of the terms cyclation or rotation and reciprocation or oscillation; contextual association with the glyph.  Short form of Exemplary 99 Wavecycle, also referred to as 9/11 wavecycle.

HOLOTOME: A symmetrical geometrical modular unity, composed of the minimal number divisible by the maximal amount of consecutive factors of division.

MANDALOG: A circular or spiralic array of signs, symbols, or glyphs that interrelate number to geometrical form.

NUMERONOMY: The science regarding the systematic laws determined by the interbehavior of geometrical forms and quantitative notation.

PALINDROME: A number which reads the same forwards or backwards.

SYNCHROSTAT: A situative locus in the number chain where specific factors group, i.e. 210 is the minimal number divisible by 5,6,7.

SYNCHROGRAPH:   Spiral number wheels; non-arbitrary modules which disclose special synchronicities and symmetries in the number continuum.

TRANSPALINDROME:  The reflective pair apart from each other in the continuum; the reverse identity of any number to exceed a single (unreversible) digit: example, 12 - 21.  When reversed, the transpalindromic nature of number yields a discrete series of behaviors that are otherwise unnoted without graphic disclosure.

Editorial Note:  Clearly, lack of graphic support leaves many gaps in this website, as it stands.  But all these graphics are complete and will be included as they are scanned onto disk.  Some are so large as to be unreadable on any computer screen at this time.  The truly interested and courageous may e-mail Bob, requesting xerox copies for themselves which complete the text, and make the concepts contained herein quite clear.  There are literally reams of number charts and tables, which Bob has prepared over many years.  It will help if you state your areas of interest and expertise.  This site will expand as time and space permit until, eventually, the whole work is revealed.  However,  the work is complete now, except for occassional musings, corrections, and new supportive findings.   This work, in highly revised and simplified forms, is also seeking a publisher.   Thanks for your interest, patience, and feedback.  Check back frequently-- much more to come...

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